Question PSU Coil Whine fix?


Jan 29, 2017
Hi guys,

So I have an old PC that’s about 9 years old that I’ve kept running for a while by upgrading certain parts. It runs as great as you’d expect from a MSI X58 Pro-E mobo with a i7 950 and GeForce GTX 560 😂😂(don’t judge me, I’m currently slowly getting parts for a new rig).

The problem is, my power supply over the last year or so now has a coil whine. I know it’s the power supply because I’ve swapped it out with a different one and it went away. The PSU works fine except for this annoying sound. So my question is, after researching possible fixes(because it’s obviously out of warranty from Corsair), what would be recommended to put on the coils to eliminate the noise? I’ve seen people recommend paint insulating varnish, silicone, hot glue, and other things. I’d really rather just pay for a bottle of whatever fixes it than to buy a new power supply for an outdated rig

Any suggestions?

oh and this is the old power supply I’m using:


Fix: Buy a new PSU.

Never-ever open up a PSU for whatever reason. Also, adding additional "stuff" into the insides of the PSU can and most likely will short circuit it, or the very least, make it inoperable.

For immediate fix; increase the white noise in your room, so that you can't hear the coil while (e.g set PC fans spin faster, so, that you'll hear the fan noise and not PSU coil whine).
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