PSU connectors for 6800 GT cards


Sep 5, 2004
I've learned that the GF 6800 GT needs a special power connector direct from the PSU to run, but when I've researched various PSUs online I can't find any mention of this connector.

Through helpful people on here I've learned a 380W PSU will be fine for an Athlon64 3500+ with a GF 6800GT, but I want to make sure the particular variety of PSU has the right connector for the gfx card.

If it helps, the case I am planning to get is the Chieftec Dragon Dx-01 (the purple one) so if someone could suggest a PSU that would be sufficient but not overpriced/overly powerful for my CPU, GFX card, HDD etc. then that would be ideal. I'm based in the UK, but I expect most US products can be found over here so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Special video card connectors are usually included with the card, but some take just a standard 4-pin connector, and even those usually come with a by-pass connector.
I would use a 400-watt psu as a minumum. You can not have to much power, the more powerfull the psu, the easier and thus cooler it runs, which translates to a longer life.

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The Fortron Source, Sparkle Power, or Aopen FSP400 would be great, but for a few dollars more you can get the FSP530.

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