PSU didnt pass the paperclip test


Sep 7, 2011
My computer started to have a bit of a problem after I didn't use it for a few days after hiding from the hurricane. When I came back it started to have problems of turning on and then shutting off by itself (after 2-3 hours), after awhile it corrected itself until it got to the point were now it just instantly shuts off the moment I push it on.

I already undusted everything and plugged everything out and back in and all of the parts. I think it's a PSU problem and I even tried the paperclip test and the power supply light turns off when the green wire is connected to a black wire, and then on again when I take it out.

When I plug it into the motherboard, it turns on for half a second and the fans move just for a bit for shutting off completely. I have to plug the cord out of the power supply, wait for a second for the power supply to drain out to plug it back in to try again.

Is it a PSU gone bad or there might be something else?

The computer is a generic
HP Pavilion 2.8ghz AMD