PSU died and possibly fried other components?

Aug 19, 2018

a week ago I was gaming on my Desktop PC when it suddenly crashed. Instant shutdown as if the plug was pulled, not even a blue screen. When attempting to turn it back on, all fans would spin but I was unable to get any video output at all. I took it apart (removing peripherals/hard drives/gpu etc.) and kept trying to get it to boot, but it wouldn't and after a lot of attempts it wouldn't even power on anymore (no fans, no leds). I diagnosed this as a fried PSU and ordered a new one.

With the new PSU, I was able to get the system to boot, but I was unable to get any video output out of the GPU. When turned on the GPU fans will spin full speed constantly (unusual). This happens consistently, even when trying it with another mobo.

My OS have also been showing very strange behavior since this incident, I have Win7/Ubuntu14.04 setup with GRUB on an SSD. With the new PSU, my mobo completly refused to boot from the SSD, it'd detect it as a drive, but not as something it could boot of. I tested the drive with another mobo I had lying around and the other mobo would at least get into GRUB and allow me to boot into Ubuntu, but Win7 had disappeared from the boot menu. I used an ubuntu live-usb to run boot-repair on the drive, which made Win7 reappear in GRUB, but twice (under /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1) and my old mobo able to see GRUB. Both of the new windows options seemed to behave identically, they'd do a normal windows startup in ~ 1 out of 5 attempts. The other 4 times my screen would stay black forever before the windows logo ever appeared.

I tried the other mobo, which instead of just a black screen also told me "Error No such device [some_uuid] - Setting partition to 0x7. I followed this guide ( which completly bricked the windows partition, it just says no boot medium now when selecting windows in GRUB.

Also even though I can boot into Ubuntu and use it, it wont shutdown properly and the system will keep running forever with no video output.

As far as I can tell the drive is detected perfectly fine and I can access it (including the win7 partition) from Ubuntu.

I am rather unsure what to do here. I can probably solve the partition problems on my own assuming they are software caused, but I'm feeling more and more like its not just that.

I have tested the RAM and CPU in another mobo and they seem fine. There was no visible damage on any component, no smoke and no burnt smell.

I'm positive that my old PSU is fried and I feel like it took the GPU with it.
The SSD confuses me though, could it have possibly gotten fried as well? I ran chkdsk on it which fixed a few blocks, but that did not improve the startup behavior.
Also is there any way to verify that the mobo is fine?

I built this rig ~3 years ago (so no warranty anymore) and had no issues up until this incident.


Mobo: ga-z87-hd3
gpu: gtx770
old psu: corsair cx 750w
new psu: corsair rm 750w
cpu: some 4th generation i5, I think its a 4670
ram: 2 x 4gb ddr3

General thoughts on how to proceed here or how right/wrong my diagnosis is would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time
Aug 19, 2018
Yes, it does give me video without the GPU, thats how I went through the partition struggle described above. My concerns regarding the mobo came from the inconsistency/failure to boot an OS that worked perfectly fine before.

All you can do is wipe the HD and reinstall Windows and see if that works.

That means delete all the partitions on the HD during the install.

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