Question PSU exposure to Mountain Dew

Mar 11, 2019
Last week I spilled The Dew on my PC indirectly. Most landed on the bottom of my case (it’s laying horizontal) and splashed my PSU dust guard and bottom of PC, any risk? And is there anyway to fix? It hasnt been booted since last week as I left it to dry naturally.
If you are positive that none of the PC components were touched by the liquid, then it should not be any harm done.

The immediately danger of it is the ability to conduct electricity.
After that, other issues could arise...besides water, that type of drink contains sugar, acids and many chemicals that could corrode metals and create conductive path for electricity.

Cleaning sugary drinks from computer components like a motherboard is not an easy task, since little drops could find their way into sockets, fans, etc.
A small drop could eventually slow down

In similar cases I instruct the user to power off, turn off PSU, unplug power cord and remove the CMOS battery.
Then I disassemble an entire computer and use a non-conductive material microfiber towel to absorb the liquid. If the liquid is already drying, damp the microfiber towel with rubbing alcohol
and wipe all components affected as clean as possible.
Memory and PCIe sockets could be clean with electrical cleaner.
A leave it to dry for a couple of days and hope for the best.
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Mar 9, 2019
mtn dew crystallizes like all sodas im worried if something could have gotten jammed in the psu i straight up wdnt risk opening it or even testing it 4 dat matter take it to the nearest tech guy as the procedure of opening it up could lead to serious injury or death so better be safe than sorry

if u decide to take tings into ur own hands rubber gloves are a must some wipes to clean the sticky mtn dew DONT OPEN THE PSU WUT SO EVER off WARNING DEATH MAY OCCUR SO FOR HEAVENS SAKE TAKE IT TO THE NEAREST TECH GUY TO CHECK IT