Question PSU failure or something else?

Jan 26, 2021
Hello, I recently built a PC( about a little over a month ago and recently I have been having a weird problem. First off, when building it there is a slight slight chance I may have installed the CPU onto the pad with the thermal paste in a sub-optimal way. But recently sometimes my computer just randomly turns off (not sleep mode or anything, just entirely off), yesterday I was playing a game and it just totally shut off, when I tried to turn in back on the MoBo beeped I think 3 times and my things seemed to power on but it looked to be struggling, and then it shut off again. When I say it looked to be struggling I mean that the leds looked underpowered. Some quick info real quick, I did a user benchmark test and everything is mostly fine except my SSD is underperforming by like 10 percent, but it says my ram is doing just fine. I am not overclocking anything except for my RAM to 3200mhz. When I unplugged the power cable from the wall and then put it back in, and then turned on my psu, my computer started working fine like it is right now. I later ran a CPU test and under CineBench max load, my temps got to 82C, but it usually stays below 60 if I ever play a game or anything, and around 40 for everything else. When I purchased my PSU, i read a whole lot of review about how it terrible, but it has been working for over a month and the only weird thing that happens is sometimes my screen goes black and then back on for like a split second probably once every couple of hours. Any idea as to what is the problem? Thanks so much.