Apr 12, 2021
Hey, so this happened a few months ago but I never thought about asking here, anyways here is my problem:

I was vacuuming some dust out of my PC (do it all the time), but later it wouldn't turn on. I though I accidentaly sucked in some important <Mod Edit> for the PC to work, but after taking the PSU out and putting it back in it started working again. Except now there was a different problem, the PSU cooler started spinning literally at 100% speed without stopping. This has been happening every single time I turn on my PC, no matter what I'm doing, and the noise is just so damn annoying. I've never had any temperature problems and all I do on this PC is schoolwork and ocassionally some League of Legends, so nothing too crazy.

I tried swapping the PSU, but the same thing happens on a different one. Meanwhile my actual PSU works normally on a different PC. I also tried plugging out the GPU, my SSD, HDD, all 3 at once, then reinstalling windows, everything and no matter what I do the fan just keeps running as fast as it possibly can. Even when I have no hard drive plugged in the fan is at 100% speed, I am thinking the problem is with the motherboard but idk what I can do to actually fix it.

My PC specs: https://prnt.sc/11b00s2

If anyone has a possible solution, or experienced the same issue please lmk in the comments. Any help is appreciated!
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