PSU fan not spinning/noise coming from disk drive.


Feb 3, 2009
Few months back CPU of my PC was overheating.
Had to apply thermal paste. Did that and everything was working fine. And FPS in games improved.

Recently I noticed that temperature of The CPU got higher and I thought that I have to reapply thermal paste. And I broke the mounting brackets of the CPU's fan. The fan would not properly cool the CPU. So I decided to turn the computer case on its side, the temperature improved.

Today, I decided to reinstall windows.
The PC was still on its side. (probably should have bought a new CPU fan)
I inserted the windows cd. And I heard a loud noise, which came from the disk drive. Unplugged the power cord. And Then it made a noise like the disk whould be shattered into small pieces. Took the disk out. It was fine.
Then I wanted to make sure if the noise is really coming from the disk drive.
Turns out that is exactly the case. And the wierd sound was actually sound of buzzing electricity or something like that.

My friend noticed that PSU fan is not spinning.
Could it be related to the cd drive insident?
Maybe it was like that before.

He says that it's probably because of dust.
His PSU didn't work and he cleaned it and it's working now.
I dont know he might be right, I had to clean the case several times, so there might be a lot of dust in the PSU.

I have this computer for 4 years. My GT 88000 died and I got a new video card, gtx 560. Maybe the PSU couldn't handle the new card?

I suppose I shouldn't keep the PC on when the PSU fan won't spin. What's the worst that could happen?

I don't know what to do.
Sry for not keeping it short and to the point.
Wow this was a pain the ass to type this on my iPod.
I'm to tired to edit what I wrote.

Intel q6600
Gygabyte GA-P35-DS3L
PSU - OCZ600SXS 600W