Psu for i7 6700k+rx480.


Sep 19, 2013
I´m about to buy a evga supernova g3, but i was wondering, maybe is a "waste" of money.
So first, maybe i should ask you for advice.
Wich psu is a good one for that configuration?

I had bad experiences with corsair rmx/rmi so i prefer to avoid corsair if it´s possible.

The main problem is the pirce of the evga supernova g3, wich is about 120€.
So maybe there a more economical option out there.
Thank you!
While it's good to have a quality power source, there are cheaper solutions.

Any quality 550W or higher with the proper 6/8-pin PCIe cables.

*Actually, the PRICE is reasonable. I thought it would be more than the G2 and my starting point for "quality" is about $70 anyway.

**The 650W G3 is not overkill because it has an ECO MODE. You shouldn't exceed 325 Watts by my calculation which means when ECO MODE is enabled the fan stays off.

I have the G2. It's fan was surprisingly LOUD so I was glad it had ECO MODE. Conversely my dad's "Be Quiet!" is essentially silent.

Not sure how loud the G3 fan is, nor do I TRUST reviewers now since several said the EVGA G2 fan was quiet (it's not just my particular unit).