PSU for my 9800 Pro


Feb 24, 2004
I am getting a 9800 pro tommorrow and I heard that you need atleast a 300 watt PSU. There seems to be a large price range for power supplies. Does it matter if I get one of the cheaper 300 watt power supplies because I really dont want to spend much on one.


Feb 18, 2004
I´d get a good quality PSU of atleast 300W, or atleast 400W if going for some cheap brand.

You might even need more than 300W, depending on your system configuration, 400W seems to be standard in modern systems, with powerful graphics.

You could also get a low noise PSU, I believe it´s really worth it.

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Jan 27, 2004
If you have like 2 HD, 2 CD-Roms you have to get a 400W. But if you rpc is not filled up with stuff a 300W is enough. I have one with my 9800 Pro and it works just fine. Only thing I had to do was to turn off my second cd-rom because. (I have 2 HD)

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Don't skimp by buying the cheapest brand power supply the way you wouldn't on a motherboard or video card. You can always try the cheap ones that come in many cases, but when upgrading a PS, go with a name brand. Fortron, Enermax, Antec, Enlight are all good brands. Sparkle makes a decent and cheap power supply too.

If you are not willing to spend $50+ on one of the nicer models, a basic Fortron 350W can be purchased for under $30. I wouldn't really recommend any cheaper than that.

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I don't know what those cheap power supplies are, but the REAL Fortron Source 350W units cost just over $40 and kick the Antec True Power 380W's buttocks.

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