Apr 1, 2012
I am planning on using a PCIe graphics card with my laptop using a PE4H PCIe expansion slot from

I have an extra 330W Power supply from a Logisys case I bought. The only thing that will be on the power supply will be the power switch for the board, and the actual video card. The PSU has a 24 pin ATX connector, 2 SATA, 3 Molex, 1 Floppy and a single 4 pin Motherboard connector. It doesn't have any actual PCIe connectors, but if I use a Molex to PCIe power converter, will I be able to power my video card and on/ off switch effectively.

The PSU:
Max Combined Wattage
+3.3V min 0.3A max 28A
+5V min 1.0A max 36A +3.3V & +5V = 200W
+12V min 1.0A max 16A +3.3V & +5V & +12V = 330W
-5V min 0A max 0.5A Total Average Output = 330W
-12V min 0A max 0.8A Total Max. Output 480W
+5VSB min 0A max 2A

I know its a lot of info, but what rails do the Molexs run off of? will they be able to power a radeon 5770 or lower? (requires single 6 pin PCIe power)