Psu ive never heard of...


at the local electronic store, i saw the following psu...

400 watt
brand: zumax
20/24 pin mobo
dual 80mm fans(back and botton)
12v1: 15amps
12v2: 14amps
for 47.99

is this a good psu? would it be better than this? and by how much would it be better?
25amps on single 12volt rail
dual 80mm fans(back andside facing toward front of pc case)
no sata

thank you...
also, i have a $20 store creidt for this store.
also, there is a 500watt version also made by zumax, but im not sure about prcie and specs.
It's a cheaper brand. Of the two, the second zumax with 120mm fan would be a better choice. If they carry any decent brands, such as antec, they may be priced higher than newegg even with your $20 credit. You might be better off using the credit for something else.
It's not junk, just not a tier one or two ps. The best ones pass all their tests under load; the cheaper brands may fail or overheat under stress. In europe, the brands may be different, but these I know are good: corsair, pc power and cooling, antec, seasonic, enermax, and some ocz models.


im in california, usa.
i know which brands are good. if you pay attention i do make many psu recommendations in this forum. i am wondering if zumax was terrible like most of the other crappy psus ive never heard of. this litttle store where i would buy this is a sort of components/specialty store. here is the link to their website.