Question PSU making buzzing noise


Jul 20, 2016
Hello everyone!

I'll tell you the story of how I started to notice the problem with my PSU. I was just playing some minecraft, just doing my thing when I started to hear a strange buzzing noise from my PC. So i opened it up to so what was up. I couldn't clearly hear where the noise was coming from. So I took off both of the side panels and heard it was coming from the PSU.

After this I started looking up online for what this might be. At this point I should tell you my hardware. I'm running an RTX 2080 and I5-9600k with my PSU being a 750W MasterWatt from coolermaster.

I came across this post from Dante R.

I thought, hey this guy has the same GPU as me. He might have the solution. But in his post the problem was with the GPU, not the PSU. So I went back to checking if it indeed was my GPU. But after listening closely I could clearly hear it was coming from my PSU.

Here is a video so you can get an idea of what it sounds like.

Afterwards I did some testing as to why it only started when I was playing Minecraft. I loaded up Prime95 to do some CPU stress testing... no noise. I launched up Heaven Benchmark... As soon as my GPU started doing it's thing, the noise came back! So it has something to do with GPU aswell.

From what I read I think it may have something to do with Coil Whine. And if so,can it be dangerous for my PC and how can I stop it?

So I'm looking for any advice you lovely people can give me on how to stop this problem.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, it's actually called Coil Whine and you'll hear that when you stand next to a powerful transformers or in areas where you have capacitors and transformers. How old is the PSU? If anything I'd ask you to bring CoolerMaster and your seller up to speed on the matter. If you're under warranty period, you can get it RMA'd but from what I know about the series of the PSU, you're bound to get it on a replacement unit.

FYI, the MW 750 isn't really a reliable/quality unit.
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Dec 5, 2019
I have this same exact noise. I took my power supply apart and plugged it in with the fan out. No noise at all. I thought perhaps the cord that was close perhaps slightly touched it or something when it was closed up and mounted.

I plugged it in with fan mounted, put back to together, but outside the case and the noise came back. I fiddled with the power cord and it stopped. I let it run for a minute and thought I had got the issue solved. Put the PSU back in the case, fire it up and boom, there was that LOUD sound again.

I let it run for a few minutes and now it is gone. This happens under low load and under high load. It is rather random when it happens. Machine has been quite for a month since the last, which just happened about an hour ago, hence why this post is being tapped out.

I can tell you that I don't put up with that nonsense, and will be getting a new PSU as soon as funds allow. I have never had this issue, and I have been using computers since the screen was green!