Question PSU making weird noise when under load

May 31, 2019
Hello, so about a week ago I purchased components for my new PC. (Evga RTX 2080 XC, intel i7 8700k, MSI MPG Z390M, 16gb DDR4 3200, samsung m.2 9z0plus) I reused my practically new CPU cooler (Seidon 120V2) and about a year and a half old PSU (Corsair HX750 Platinum) and a couple hard drives and an ssd. I modified the overclocking and fan curves a bit so they are not as loud and the temperatures are pretty okay when under load (rendering or playing games). However what I noticed is that if I play certain games on the highest settings like Witcher 3 on ultra with nvidia hair settings turned on, or black desert online remastered edition on the highest settings I can hear a weird noise that I'm 90% sure it's from the PSU. The noise get's quieter if I lower the graphics ingame but it's still noticable if I put my ear close to the power supply. The PSU didn't produce any similar noise or at least I didn't notice it with my old PC that had gtx 970 in it, because the PC was on the floor. The sound I can hear is very close to the one in this video:
I did some research on my own and the most articles around are saying it's coil whine but I'm just making sure because I don't want for my components to get fried or something. Also I'm not using an UPS and have the PC, speakers and two monitors on the same power socket if that could cause something similar. Thanks in advance.