[SOLVED] Psu Molex Ampere?


Jan 25, 2017
Hi everyone,

This is not specifically PC -related, except that it involves a PC PSU.
I am planning to do a LED project and I need a power supply for the LED strip. I need only 5v but with at least 5 Amps (0,06 Amps per LED x 85 LEDs.. I could go down to 80 Led if necessary).
The strongest 5v PSU brick I could find is https://www.ebay.de/itm/Steckernetzteil-alle-Modelle-5-5mm-Hohlstecker-Netzteil-Schaltnetzteil-Trafo/351218451793 but buying exactly 5A for at 5A Strip is a bit dangerous (especially with these chinese bricks) since one should always have a bit of overhead and one should account for power loss across the strip. ..so one couId say I actually need almost 6A .
But then I remembered I still have my trusty Cougar GX 800 v3 PSU from my previous PC. It is only about 3 years old so it only recently had it's warranty expire (I only changed it cus I wanted something new in my brand new Ryzen 9 build) . I wonder if I could use it with one of the molex cables.. (I would use a 24pin bridge to trick the PSU into working without mainboard). The total wattage draw would only be 25W max .. The only problem is the Amperage .. The cable is 18 AWG . Are 6 Amps (worst case scenario) too much for a molex cable \ connector? Should I search for stronger 16 AWG PSU cables? On the other side, from my knowledge one should never use cables from other PSUs.. (they are not interchangable).
I know this a unusual question on this forum, but I would appreciarte any advice on this topic.


Dec 11, 2013
6 amps is safe for 18 gauge....and I think it should also be safe for the molex connector.

....and you can use cables from other PSUs if you know what you're doing. If you don't....then don't.
I agree, with the provision that the wire is not tightly packed somewhere that it can't cool - that could potentially raise the temperature higher than the insulation is rated for (kind of unlikely).