Question PSU not powering system at all now

Jul 12, 2019
Hi guys,

I was running this board at my XFX 450 GOLD Standard X PSU, along with
8gb Crucial Ballistics 1600MHz ram,
i5-4670k never overclocked
GTX 770k 2GB never overclocked
Standard 1tb HDD and a 60gb SSD for boot partition.

Ran with zero problems.

So i thought I'd treat myself for xmas as i have n o family or friends due to a mental disorder i have.
I upgraded to 16gb Ram, which made a GREAT improvement, stopped all the stuttering. It was 2 different sets, of identical ram, ran in 1 and 3 and 2 and 4. and worked PERFeCTLY for a week.
Anyway, FINALLY i went for the big one, i traded in my really good mouse, my amazing keyboard and my GTX 770 2gb vs a Palit GTX 970 4gb

So currently i'm running
16gb DDR3 1600MHz ram stock
i5-4670k stock
Palit GTX 970 4gb
1 mechanical HDD and 1 SSD boot same as before.
On my XFX 450W Gold standard.

Anyway, i installed the new card, It booted... lovely! Ran a couple o tests, just quickly ran passmark GFX test to compare ti to the one i did on my GTX 770.
When it got to DX 10, about half way through, the sreen went off and said no signal. i removed the card, put it back in, and boot. NOTHING
NO power to the machine whatssoeever.

Guys said "you've 100% overusedro your PSU and blown it".

Well, im an engineer, SO i took out the PSU, i bridged the Green boot wire and a black ground wire with a piece of metal. and powered on the PSU. It tricked it into thinking i had it powered, the fan ran perfectly, i then tested EVERY pin indivisually wit my multimeter, and it worked find all in nominal wattage and voltages.
So the PSU is fine. So i disassembled my machine. Took out te mainboard cleaned everything, reasembeled it. put it back in, this time i ONLY put in the CPU. a stick of ram and plugged the power cables in for the PSU the fans and the main 24 pin adaptor to run the PSU. i left the PSU you of the case to see the fan. I pressed ON and .. NOTHING. The board won't power the CPU.

It's a Z87-g43 anyone had any oter issues like tis? im at my wits end, as tats my xmas present to myself, and im going to be alone for te entire xmas witout a PC or anyting. Just my pone wit no one to talk to. Do you tink it's 100% my board is broken?

Tanks for reading my friend and happy xmas to you and many appy reurns!
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Have you tried using the motherboard's video ports (DVI-D, VGA, HDMI)? Remove the GPU and test without it.

Do you have the User Manual for the motherboard?

I found the following link:

Do verify that the link is correct.

Go over your build step by step via the manual - just to ensure that something was not overlooked.

Treat the process as a new build and doublecheck everything. Read the fine print.