PSU on the Shuttle mini-PCs


Mar 20, 2002
The July article on the mini-PCs piqued my interest. I would be interested to, within a year, purchase the components to make a gaming machine out of one. I do in fact see that there are motherboards with AGP slots available for these. But my concern is the load on the power supply. How can 200W possibly be enough? When I look at the chart provided in the new article comparing PSUs, I don't see how 200W could possibly support what I need, unless the Pentium 4 uses a quarter of the power as the Athlon (listed as 89.88W). Am I off-base? Can it be done?

Taken from the list of loads out of that article I added up a list of my own requirements:

HDD (1/4 of on the list, that includes 4 HDD RAID array): 28W
CPU (only value I know): 89.88W
RAM: 30W
Graphics: 29.80W
Mobo: 23.50W
DVD-ROM: 19.20W
Sound: 4.15W
NIC: 3.32W
Fans: 6W
Keyboard/Mouse: 2.5W
Load for a 'minimal' game machine: 236.35W

That doesn't include USB, Firewire, or a floppy.

Can I get that in a mini-pc, with its mini-PSU? Heck, can I fit a normal PSU in there?

Rian Mueller
The Power Supply for these things is unique, I don't know of any venders that offer replacements.

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