Question PSU or MOBO fail?


Oct 28, 2015
Hi Everyone,

I have had an eventful day today trying to figure out whats wrong with my computer. It turned on perfectly normal today, but after about 5 minutes of being "ON" the computer randomly shut down and then went into a loop of trying to turn on but then turn off a second later. (

Most obvious signs point to a PSU failure, but who really knows? So, I called up EVGA (since I was still under warranty) and they had me do the "Paperclip" test. When I did that, the PSU stayed on. So he then had my plug in the 16-pin MOBO connector to see what happens. It looped on/off again. So he said it's still most probable that it is the PSU and we did a RMA replacement which is nice, but it takes 1-2 weeks to get a new PSU and we all know how hard that is!

Out of my own curiosity and reading forums like ones on this website, I cleared the BIOS on my MOBO by removing the battery. I then proceeded to hook my PSU back up to the MOBO and it turned and stayed on. However, when I hooked up the CPU1 two 4-pin connectors, it went into a loop again of going on and off.

Based on all my testing... Does anyone know if it's still my PSU even though what I described above about the CPU1 4-pin connectors?

Thanks Community!

(PS: I might just order a PSU on Amazon and return it when I get the replacement one back from EVGA so I have a computer running up quicker and so I know if it's the PSU and not something else. )