Question PSU or Motherboard problem?


Feb 19, 2019
Hi all,

I have the following problems:
  1. The front fans of the case is not start to spin up together. - The lower one delay but when the system booted up it spins normally. Sometimes it starts to spin normally together with the upper one. This issue is always from cold boot. - I tried already swap with the upper ones pwm. Same issue.
  2. Last time I bought an Asus Rog Scope keyboard. I connected into the back USB port. When I booted up the system not even the rgb lighted up. I had to unplug and plug again. After i changed the usb port it was working normally. But sometimes when i started the system (again from cold boot) the rgb lighted up but the keyboard was not responed on any press. Restart helped.
3.Sometimes feel the mouse laggy even on desktop. Restart helps again.
4. Sometimes when i am playing the game without any error just quit to the desktop.

I ran every single test which one i know. Memtest 0-issue. Prime 95 temps were around 100 and voltage was jumping like crazy. Usb ports are working normally either front and back.
I am betting that the psu is dying. So far the system boot up. And stable. Only these small and silly symptons make me worry.

Could be the motherboard or the PSU faulty?

My config:

I9 9900k + Noctua NH-D15 cooler
Msi RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio
2x16GB Kingston HyperX Fury
3 additional 14cm Pwm fans
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
Samsung Evo 970 SSD
2TB Wd Black HDD
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M SE case
PSU: beQuiet Straight Power 10 800w

I hope anyone has any suggestion.
Thanks for your replies


Which version of Windows 10 are you working with? Also, check and see which BIOS version you're on for your motherboard. See if removing the 3 additional PWM fans changes the issue. Might I ask how old the PSU is, if it was recycled from an older build?

See if reinstalling your chipset, MEI and USB drivers changes your experience. If you want to rule out a faulty PSU, make sure you have access to a reliably built(Seasonic) PSU that has at least 650W for the entire system.


Feb 19, 2019
I am using the latest version of windows 10. The Psu is not old at all. Around 1 year old. But you are right. It is from previous build. My config is new built. Only the Psu is the one which one i did not change.

I will try your suggestions. Btw if i want to buy a new PSU which one you recommend?
I am looking forward for this:
Seasonic Focus PX 850W
or this: STRAIGHT POWER 11
which one is more trustable?

Is it possible that problem can be caused because only 1 8pin is connected from the cpu?The guy who built it he said if i dont overclock it is more than enough.
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