Question PSU overheating

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I bought my new PSU in jaunary this year its RPC 600w peak power 560w and i use it for my RX470 and AMD RYZEN 3 3200g SSD 240gb
I worked perfectly, but 3 days ago PSU started emiting some weird noises and got back to normal i tought nothing of it bc it was for about 12 seconds but day after that my PC started shuting down and booting back up right away It happend 2 times aproximetly when i took it serious
When that happens weird smells comes out of PSU
Im monitoring my fans and CPU and GPU everything is perfect as it was
BTW my PSU fan if facing downwards at the CPU
Bro your PSUs transformer isn't designed to run continuously for long under heavy load.. most likely it's windings are heating up.. and causing.. burning smell.. throw your PSU out get new good one that can deliver continuous power...