PSU/PCI-E cable: Insufficient length


Jan 5, 2006

I just recently purchased the following components:

Antec SLK3800B case with Smartpower II 400w psu
eVga 6800 GS video card
epox 9npa+ Ultra motherboard with cpu and memory

As I was assembling these parts, I found that the psu's pcie cable wasn't quite long enough to reach the video card. Luckily, the video card bundle included an adapter for converting two 4 pin connectors to one pcie connector. This setup seems to be working for the moment, but all my four pin connectors have been used up while leaving me with an unused pcie connector and a number of unused sata connectors. This seems like a non-optimal solution to me which leads me to these questions:

1) Does anyone make an extension for the pcie cable? Perhaps I haven't googled the correct terms yet, but I can't seem to find anything that will do this. Surely this issue comes up enough that a part of this type would be worthwhile.

2) Will powering my video card with the 2x4pin-to-6pin pcie adapter cause problems when the card is under load?


Stephen Benton


as long as you dont have anything else plugged into the line that the video card is on you shouldnt have any problems.
did a quick google search and checked some computer sites but didnt see a 6 wire extension, just the 4 to 6 wire adapters.


I looked everywhere I could think of... I couldn't find a 6 pin PCI-e video card power extension cable either.

I'm genuinely surprised.

Someone ought to make one. :)