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Nov 3, 2019
So I have a PC with a 310W PSU and I get low performance. Usually, the problem is that the GPU is at 50-60% usage and CPU at 90-100%
Others with my setup don't have the same issue. Here are my specs.
GTX 1060 6GB
Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6 GHz
16 GB RAM 2x8 DDR4-2666
I have a feeling that it is because of my PSU.
If not please help.


You have a Ryzen. Run Ryzen Master, make sure your bios is up to date, motherboard chipset drivers are current and if your motherboard has 4 slots that the ram is seated in slot 2/4 not in 1/3 (starting from cpu)

Cpu pre-renders the frames, as many as it can and ships them to gpu which puts them on screen. Usage isn't a gage of how much of the cpu/gpu is being used, that's always 100%, but a gage of how much resources the cpu/gpu needs to use to get that 100%.

So if cpu is seeing 90-100%, it's seriously swamped. Game code too complex, physX or hair works enabled, grass detail way too high, Xbox DVR or gamebar helper enabled in windows or anything else that's really going to eat into cpu resources and allow less for the game itself, raising Usage to the limits and throttling ability/performance.

Gpu at 50-60% means you lowered graphics settings in an attempt to raise fps/performance and really did the opposite, putting the lions share of work on the cpu.

Psu. Eww. Maxed out, a 1060 pulls @ 120w, the cpu @ 65w, and the rest of the pc @ 75w, for a grand total of @ 260w. Maxed. Generally you'll be looking at anywhere from 180w-230w with heavy gaming on the entire pc. 310w psu no worries. 310w psu maybe big worries, that's not industry standard values so there's no telling as to exactly what you are really getting out of it or the quality of any outputs. If it's a Delta or Seasonic OEM unit, rock on, your good for that max output, but anything else is highly suspect and even at a modest 180w draw, you might be taxing that psu for all its worth.
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