Question PSU problems


Sep 23, 2016
Hello, so I've got this problem where when I start a game and load it, after it finishes loading the moment the game shows up my pc would just shut down and show me a message that Asus Anti Surge has detected a problem and that it turned off my PC just in case of a faulty power supply. So I tried fixing the problem and one thing that actually solved it was reconnecting the cables on my pc, the 24pin, 4 pin and just check on the other cables if there were any which were not fully connected, so yeah that fixed it. One day ago I've got the same problem again and it was fixed again by that same thing, reconnecing the cables. So my question is what could the problem be and is it safe to say that it comes from my psu 100% or it could be other part that is faulty.

i5 4600
b85 pro gamer
8gb ram adata
asus gtx 750 dcsl
hdd drive 1tb
ssd drive 120gb
psu a coolermaster one, it was with the case don't know the model, 500W
I would try a new PSU, since it could be failing.
How old is the PSU?
Could you post the PSU model.
That also could be your motherboard issuing false alarms.
If it was happening with a reliable PSU I would have instructed you to disable the Asus Anti-Surge feature in the BIOS.