Question PSU randomly buzzing and getting loud

Aug 30, 2019
As I've stated my PSU randomly starts buzzing and making sort of a grinding noise. I dusted it yesterday and the buzzing/grinding still continued but got quieter. My best guess is that the fan might have gotten loose because the noise sometime stops when I shake or lightly slam it (I know I shouldn't slam my PC, you don't need to tell me) and sometimes it works on resets.

The noise started around 3-4 weeks ago and there haven't been any errors and random shutdown with my PSU. I'm asking because I'm not 100% sure and I want to know if my other components are in danger. I currently can't afford a $150 Corsair PSU, so is it worth replacing with a cheaper one? Such as a $35 Xilence Redwing PSU?

I have a 2.5 years old Akgya 400W PSU.


I'm thinking it's probably the fan.....and depending on the may be reasonable to just change just the fan assembly to save you some money. It all depends on how easy it is to change. far as replacing the PSU with a cheap one....I don't recommend that....but a cheap one with a fan that works is better than one with a fan that doesn't work.
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Your PSU is a junker, and it's likely it will fail soon. I'd consider not using it again until you replace it. It has a 2 year warranty, and if the fan doesn't fail, something else inside it will.

Listing your PC specs will help advise what to get.

The issue is, you are replacing a bad PSU, with one that's arguably not great either. Not good planning.
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