After switching out a Dell PSU with a Corsair PSU, I ran 'Speccy' just to verify the newly installed PSU. Unfortunately Speccy mentions everything else except the PSU. Neither does Belarc Advisor identify the PSU.

Is there a program similar to Speccy that will verify the PSU without opening up the case?

Thank you for your suggestions and input.

Thank you for your response.

That's what I thought after reading some responses from other Forums, but I didn't want to give up without posting this question at Tom's.

Because of the mounting orientation (Dell Optiplex 755) the specs label is completely obscured and is not visible in any way. The label is against the rear side of the case; no access. I took digital pics of the Corsair PSU label prior to installing it in the case. I take pics of everything I install including CPUs.