[SOLVED] PSU turns on the first time, then it won't turn on anymore.


Jan 11, 2016
Hello, guys! Thank you for spending time reading this. Weird situation here.

I'm doing some tests on this budget PSU. After some days (2-3) turned off, it will turn on normally. If I turned the PC off and imediately tried to turn it on again, it will not. PSU's fan spins not even half a second, it gives the mobo some energy but then it just shutdowns. Then, I need to wait some days for it to work again.

Today, I took it off of the PC and did a paperclip jump: it turned on normally, I checked every single 24-pin connector voltages, everything is fine, within tolerance. I turned it off and the same still happens, it won't turn on again (I kept the switch on and tested it, all voltages are 0, except standby on 5V). As I have to wait some time to use/test it, I was thinking it could be something related to the capacitors (if they're charged, I can't use it), but my knowledge range goes until there, ahaha... any suggestions?