Jan 9, 2010
hi i'm kinda new when it comes to psu's. i have recently bought a his ati4870 graphic's card but i didn't even think of checking my psu till i put in the graphic's card but after i did all the work to my pc i found out i only have a 400w psu. now im just deciding on what new one.
coolmaster extreme 500w or thermaltake litepower 600w
but 'im not sure which one. these are at a local shop that are around my price range and noise does'nt bother me couse i have my volume up loud.
pc info
: intel core 2 quad q8200
: asus p5kpl cm with 4 gb of ram
: 1x samsung 500gb harddrive
: 1x lg dvd player
: currently a 9500gt 512mb graphic's card