Question Psu won't turn my after i used red switch (220v/110v).

May 17, 2020
So i was about to install a gpu (1060 gigabyte) at my asus motherboard.after i instaled it (firmly pressed it to mobo and attached the 6pin power supply) i hit the ON button, everything kicks in as normal except gpu which the fans spins at the beginning and then stops.
Also systems boots normaly but i have not any visual on my monitor.Its all black.

So a friend of mine suggest to check the red switch at psu.It was at 220v and i switch at 110v which is the other option.The psu blinked a green light that ive never seen before and from that moment everything is dead.No power.No green light at mobo... Nothing. I have tried:
-Switching everything on/of
-Turn back red switch to 220v (i live in Europe so this is where it should be)
-replace the small battery on mobo
-switching to my old gpu
-press power button when psu and cable off,for 10-15 seconds
-blowing the fan of psu for 1minute to rotation
-plug in/out RAMs
-plug in/out mobo power supply (4pin)

I think the problem with psu is some kind of protection that went on when i dropped the volts from the red switch without turning it off.
Im thinking of testing another cable as well... Last is to find another psu and check it
If it works then ill buy a new one
Anything that comes in ur mind that i should try,plz be my guest
May 17, 2020
Everything are like 5 years old
Psu: Force SL-8600EPS 600W
Mobo:Asus M5A78L-M LK3
2x4gb Kingston ram
Gpu:r7 370 (got an gigabyte 1060 as I meanioned above and were everything started)
Cpu:amd fx6300 3.2ghz
1hdd 1tb
1ssd kingston 125gb