[SOLVED] Psu won't turn on, very strange behaviour

Aug 30, 2019
Hi, I need help with my PC.

Since a couple of weeks, my PC (it's 4 years old) started not turning on, and here's what I have found; after I turn my PC off, if I try to turn it on again it won't start, but if it does (after many attempts, today I tried all day and it turned on in the evening), it works with no problem for many hours (no crash, nothing, it works perfectly!).

I have tried to plug an old PSU in my PC and it starts just fine, so I think that the issue is with the PSU.

I have also tried the paperclip trick to turn the PSU (the one with the issues) on when unplugged from the motherboard, and it won't start, so I think it must be the PSU.

Psu is this 550W XFX P1-550B-BEFX Black Ed.

  • CPU Intel 1150 i5-4690K Ci5 Box (3,5GHz)
  • Mb 1150 GBT Z97-D3H (ATX/Z97) 4xDDR3 2933 OC USB3.0 SATA3
  • DDR3 PC1866 8GB CL10 Kingston Hyp 1x8GB Hyper X Fury
  • VGA GBT GTX960 4GB Windforce OC Rev1
I checked the voltages in the bios today when it started, and they seem perfectly fine (12 V, 3.3 V and 5 V).

Again, when it turns on, I use my PC for 10 hours with no problem at all.

Thanks in advance!