Question PSU works fine but when connected to MB it ticks the green light flicks on and off.

Jun 30, 2020
So I have A D20 workstation with 1050 TI.
The problem now is that whenever I connect the power supply to the Pc the green light on the back of the PSU flicks on and off ... so I knew that the PSU is turned on and then off then on.. etc.
but it turns on without pressing the power button .. so I removed the power switch of the motherboard and it's the same ... actually I removed everything except the 12V (12 pins) cable and it still ticks ...
I did the PSU paper clip test and it works wit no ticking and the fans are running fine.
I tried resetting the CMOS jumper and it didn't work as well.
SO what would that be .. is that a short circuit on the MB or what.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction.
What is the make/model of your psu?

The paper clip test is useful only to confirm a dead psu.
It does nothing to verify proper operation.

Do not try to connect the psu to the motherboard when it is plugged in!