Psycho rider Radbox project

Maybe this should be in homebuild with the original thread,

But its a W/c project so I'll chance it here, :)

Ok, basic info,
Subject: Moto Psycho

Adding graphics cards to loop, need more rad,
incapable of sense
has access to powertools and alcohol

I decided I am going with two EX360's in the box, along with another Xspc 750l pump/res combo,
three fans each rad on push, two exhaust fans at rear of box
8 channel fan controller
all tubing and wires will be concealed from view using 36mm corrugated pond hoses glanded to the Pc and box
also in the box will be the Qdc's for removal if/when needed

so on with the boxmaking...

Piece of wood, circular saw, any guesses whats happening here?
remember guys, mark twice cut once....

marked up side sections

and ended up with a small pile of wood half an hour later

More after this from our sponsors...
The controller I use has 8 channels, split into two banks of four fans each so I'll be putting the three fans from each rad with the rear fan on its side on each bank

placing the rear fans and glands for the fat tubing to exit the box,

And after Mr Holesaw has visited,

fans sat on an offcut for now but to show you how inside will look, I'm thinking of actually mounting the fans inside the backboard, yup, I think I will :p

From outside after much filing and sanding, then laying on the first coat of Matt black,

More black paint,

Now my cuts aren't the straightest, nor my filing so I use an old trick to level things up, glue and sawdust fills the gaps :)

after its dry I'll sand down to smooth and grab more paint for another couple of coats, payday tuesday so I should get the rads and fans ordered,
then next weekend I can mark out the fanholes and mount them up
**Edit, screws on outside will be countersunk once ready for final coat/polish, I just tacked them as its easier to work on a box, rather than five seperate pieces

thats it for now, I need a beer :p
Due to my neighbours damn house alarm going off all day I figured I'd get up and make something productive of it, shattered but I have nice pictures hehe

Fans got laid out at the back and marked up for drillcutting,

I used a straightedge to make sure they were lined up ofc

In the same way I cut out fanholes or Psu vents, I drill inside the perimeter of the markings and try to get the holes as close together as possible

Then very carefully with a slow drillspeed, I use it almost like a scrollsaw to join everything up, this also straightens up the line before filing

like this,

Beceause I made up the box earlier, the shape and glue helped support the cutoff as I got closer to the end, and actually held it on even after the cuts were done :)

excess out, and file,file,file, I put the fan inside the aperture to see where needs more filing, slide it all the way to edges top to bottom and side to side, this means you don't accidentally file too much, or have a uneven line

It fits, it fits!! (Cinderella impression over)

but not without casualty, I was a little rough taking the fan back out and unlike the Gelids, the in win fans don't have removable (then replaceable:p) blades, no issue as I'll be ordering 8 Xspc 1650rpm units for the build, shame to see a good fan die though :p

Both fans in place,

inside view

and when flush at the rear, this is the overlap inside,

According to the other half, I wasn't even an hour doing this, must've been lost in modworld hehe
I'll be doing the same with three fans on each side once I buy the Ex360's, I'm considering an Ex360 kit and giving myself the Raystorm upgrade
not bad for a (unexpected) afternoons work
Cheers man,
I have no room on the desk for a radbox and can't feasibly add to the height of the rig (28.5" already:p)
so I designed this to be bolted underneath my desktop, and of course the hiding tubes/wires made me go for the oversized ducting ,
glad you like my projects though :)
been looking this morning and have decided
the fans, instead of cutting circular holes or one huge rectangle, I'm going to cut a square hole for each fan to sit inside of, so it will be almost flush, < I didn't in the end, the spars between fans would have been too thin so it was one large rectangle per side
5mm will be sticking out (as it were) on the inside of the box, this will help with vibration damping and allow me more room inside the box to route hoses/airflow path control,
and mounting grills will be a simple matter of screwing them directly to the fan (once I decide on how I'm grilling/meshing it up, I may go for speaker grills/mesh as a filter)

I put the box in the living room whilst I brought my tools back inside, came back to find it occupied by a feline, so any left/ next project is obviously going to be a catbox lol:p
Well you definitely have my curiosity Moto, as to where you're going with this and what the end results will be, not many know here that I am a Master Carpenter, and you would flat love to get your hands on my tools.

I'm interested to know if this is something I could possibly in the future pre-cut and ship to other water cooling enthusiasts, but I'm not really sure where you're going with this?

Regarding your radiator configuration and layout.

So looks good, and I'm watching for your end results! Ry

ROFL :lol:

That's classic, you cannot bring any type box in our home the cats don't claim! :lol:

If you wanted to 'blueprint' the design as a template for other thats no problem mate, I can Pm the vitals when I get time,
and yes, I would love a workshop and access to 'proper' tools, benchsaw drillpress etc :)
You probably went into shock at my abuse of a drill hehe in my defense its a solution that works and I have never broken a bit yet due to care and patience
I do recall you mentioning your profession a while back, I'm no craftsman, but I seem to be able to know what I want and find a way to make it hehe,usually involves lots of learning but thats half the fun in my book.

I'm glad you (in particular) found this, its always nice to have people you respect the opinion of interested in your work and I hope I continue to hold your interest,

Stay tuned as they say, but I'm on hold till payday, the curse of the working class lol



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I'm interested to know if this is something I could possibly in the future pre-cut and ship to other water cooling enthusiasts, but I'm not really sure where you're going with this?
A stand-alone radiator/pump box or pedestal would be a great idea- I've toyed with that idea, but you'd have to try to generalize what most people would want vs. doing each one custom. I guess custom work would be OK as well, but you'd have to address each order individually.
The design I came up with is to have a feedline from the rear of the Pc,
going into the box and having a female Qdc, then the male goes through the rads and pump to a female, that way I can close the radbox off to prime/bleed and the Pc part of the loop can also be self-contained, although I'd not try anything heavy on it whilst in that state :p (plus I have other means of accessing the net if main rig's down)
Nice to see you in here as well mate, I'm feeling popular now lol