Pulling DHCP from Cable Modem instead of wireless router


Oct 6, 2012
Hello, I have a lab set up at home and having problems.

I have desktops hardwired to a switch, which is connected to my cable modem.

They pull a 10.x.x.x ip address with DHCP.

I have a wireless modem (e3200) connected to the cable modem. My wireless devices pull a 198.x.x.x ip address. Can connect to the internet just fine, BUT..

Because of this (im assuming) I cannot add my printer to my wireless laptop. Different networks, wont connect via share name etc.

So, if i turn off DHCP and NAT on the wireless router, shouldnt my laptop pull DHCP from the cable modem and get a 10.x.x.x IP address while connected wirelessly?

My wired computers can connect to the shared printer just fine, only my wireless computers cannot. I have another printer that is networked (connected directly to the switch, no computer) with a static ip of 10.x.x.199. My laptop can connect and print to it just fine. I just cant connect to the printer that is attached to the 10.x.x.x computer.

Any suggestions/ideas?

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