Question Pulling my hair out! Ryzen 7 2700


Jun 4, 2018
Hey everyone.

I am absolutely done with this problem. There is no reason for my pc to be doing what it does, but things just don’t go my way.

I used to run a Ryzen 5 2400g when I first did this build. I then bought an MSI RX470 Gaming X gpu which kept shutting down my pc when I installed it, turns out it was temp spiking and all it needed was a fresh paste change and it’s been working flawlessly since.

now, around December time, I upgraded my cpu to a Ryzen 7 2700. It works as it should, but I noticed some stuff straight away which didn’t seem right.

the cpu EDC (looking at Ryzen master) is ALWAYS stuck at 100% in red writing. I wasn’t sure if this was bad or not for the cpu itself, so I looked it up and people said to just run it, so I did. I found a forum later saying that changing my power plan would fix this and to change my max cpu outage to 95% instead of 100%. This worked for a while, but I noticed a difference in power when playing highly demandable games.

I used to use Speccy as my monitoring software and it always reads the cpu to be between 85-99 degrees. Obviously, it isn’t, so I used Prime95 and it actually runs at about 31 degrees on idle. A bit weird still though.


everytime I boot my pc up, sign into windows and let it do its thing, it will stay running but post no signal and the ring light on my Ryzen stealth cooler turns red. I’ve tried everything to get it to gain graphics back when it does this but to no avail. I’ve tried reinstalling the bios, gpu drivers etc etc and it still does it. It only happens when it wants to though. There is no reason why it should be doing it as I did a fresh windows install just after installing this cpu also. I have no other option but to hold the power button on my case in to turn it off and boot it back up, hoping it doesn’t do it again. Sometimes it’ll wait till steam opens up and it’ll do it, sometimes it’ll take a minute or 2 and it will randomly do it without me even touching my mouse or keyboard from signing in.

please, someone must have experienced the same thing or can help me out. I’m pulling my hair out over this!