Question Pulling my hair out with trying to get my Tascam interface to play nice with discord and fb messenger ?


Nov 8, 2010
I'm using Tascam 208i audio/midi interface and just an mxl condenser mic

I don't know if this is just the way things are but this is driving me nuts.

As far as I can tell my interface works just fine. I can crank it in my daw, Adjust my levels and everything is just fine. All inputs work as intended with daw. Same with streaming everything seems to work fine with obs

Discord and FB messenger is another story. It does "work" but in strange ways. As in without selecting my mic and it works better without it turned on or the power supply plugged in. Which is bizarre with a condenser mic and no phantom power turned on either.

Discord I have to just select default as the input. I can't select my interface as the mic. It won't pick up my voice. all videos i've watched show them selecting their interface as their input. but it won't work for me.

FB messenger, I have a friend that we like to send voice messages back and fourth. With my interface turned on, it tells me I haven't enabled permission for my microphone. Believe me I have made sure in chrome and whatever it says that there is permission. If I turn off the interface even with the power supply unplugged, it lets me send a message no problem.

There's got to be something stupid I'm doing wrong. My issue is I can't adjust the gain on my interface, it does nothing and it's not coming out so good.