Purchasing a laptop

elijah 19

May 25, 2012
Am looking for a decent reasonable priced laptop but good quality but i only buy asus cause they the best i was wondering if to go with the Amd quad core apu laptops or the intel core i3 or i5. please advice me on which one wud be better for gaming high graphics game such as fifa 12 and the others your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Generally speaking if you are in no rush to buy a laptop, then wait because Intel Ivy Bridge CPU laptops next month and I believe laptops using AMD's new Trinity APU is coming out next month as well. Currently there are a few Ivy Bridge laptops for sale (like the Lenovo IdeaPad Y480), but the bulk of them are not yet available.

Which processor to choose ultimately depends on the answers to the FAQs as linked above. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a low budget laptop using integrated graphics, then Trinity would be the better choice. The graphics core will be using a more optimized version of the Radeon HD 6000 graphic core (not the HD 7000 series) and will more powerful than the graphic cores found in the Llano APUs. Basically speaking the graphic core found in the Llano A8 series is almost as powerful a desktop Radeon HD 5570 graphics card. The new graphic core in the upcoming Trinity A10 models is more powerful than the desktop Radeon HD 5570, but less powerful than a Radeon HD 5670. I would probably peg it as a "Radeon HD 5590" graphic card if one ever existed. The CPU core should get a decent increase in performance, but it will still pale in comparison to an Ivy Bridge CPU.

The Ivy Bridge CPU has the HD 4000 graphic core in it as opposed to the HD 3000 graphic core in the Sandy Bridge CPUs. That's basically going from a desktop Radeon HD 5450 to something that's almost as powerful as the Radeon HD 5550. Clearly, AMD APUs will have a stronger graphic core, but Intel's CPU processing performance is still way above Trinity.

Clearly, if you are going to use integrated graphics, then go with Trinity because Ivy Bridge's CPU performance will not make up for the HD 4000 graphic core. It can compete with the older Llano A8 APU, but not the newer Trinity APU.

If you are looking for a laptop with discrete graphics then like a nVidia GT 650m or Radeon HD 7670m (or whatever), then it doesn't really matter. Ivy Bridge's CPU performance can slightly improve performance (if both laptops uses the same graphic card), but it will also cost more than a similarly equipped Trinity laptop.