Purchasing a new motherboard - Graphic card, chipset question


Jan 1, 2010
I currently have 2 Geforce 8800 GTX's that I use in a quad sli setup. I am wanting to buy a new motherboard, cpu, and memory. My question is Does the chipset matter at all to my graphics cards? Can i go with a non-nvidia chipset and still get the sli functionality out of the cards?
If you have two 2 Geforce 8800 GTX's then that's only a dual SLI setup. Anyway if you want to use SLI on your new setup you will need an nForce SLI chipset on the AMD side, or an SLI certified P55 or X58 board on the Intel side. Intel boards that don't have the SLI certification, because they didn't pay the nVidia tax, will not let you SLI, or rather the drivers won't, at least not with a hacked BIOS or using hacked drivers.

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