News Purported Intel Core i9-14900K Raptor Lake Refresh Benchmarks Spotted

Someone appears to have run a Core i9-14900K build through Geekbench 6 three times, but the scores aren't very exciting.

Purported Intel Core i9-14900K Raptor Lake Refresh Benchmarks Spotted : Read more
Super clear that the 14900k was under its official power limit here while the result of the 13900k was with power unlimited, so overclocked.
They tried to override the power limit which is probably why they ran the bench several times but couldn't because it's an engineering sample or otherwise restricted from going above official TDP.
Another comment we have on the supposed 14900K chip scores is that they don’t look impressive compared to the current-gen Core i9-13900K. The Geekbench result browser says that, in Geekbench 6, the 13900k scores 2953 and 19911 in 1T and nT tests, respectively. That 13th Gen multi-threaded score is better than all three Core i9-14900K runs on this system, built upon a Biostar Z790A-Silver motherboard with 16 GB of DDR5-4800 RAM. The current-gen Raptor Lake chip achieves about a 4% faster nT score than the best leaked Raptor Lake Refresh score today.


I feel that a CPU refresh should be like a "game of the year edition" video game.
They acknowledge that the product is old and all the early adopters have come and gone, so they bundle the best they can do and offer it at a significantly reduced price.

But it seems like Intel/AMD would much rather repackage the same old crap and mark it up in an effort to boost profit margins.
I guess we'll see how that works in a year where people seem completely disinterested in paying higher prices for minor upgrades to their newish covid PCs.