Question Push to talk causes stutter in Steam games


Apr 17, 2013

The following is how Steam is working for me which is incorrect.

Unlike with other game platforms where the games use the mic, in Steam games it's the Steam Client that uses the mic and not the games themselves. And unlike with the other platforms, where the games constantly use the mic until you close them, the Steam Client only uses the mic when pressing the Push to Talk button and then stops using it when releasing the button which I think is the cause of the stutter. The workaround is having any other application running that is constantly using the mic or if the game supports it, voice chat constantly on which results in Steam client constantly using the mic. This eliminates the stutter in game. Here's what I mean.

If you look at the bottom right next to the Steam icon, the mic icon appears and disappears whenever I press and release the push to talk button. And on the left, the Steam Client bootstrapper timestamp appearing and disappearing. (When I alt-tab out of the game, the steam client keeps using the mic because I was using a controller while the push to talk button was still pressed). Also as you can see there are no Steam games in the Desktop Apps list in Privacy - Microphone settings.

For me this is happening with all the Steam games that I currently have installed that support push to talk. I read some other posts where people experience this voice chat stutter but only in a specific game not all of the Steam games. Some of them use a USB mic. I use a 3.5mm Modmic. I don't have this issue with non Steam games. I tried different Realtek drivers with and without Nahimic but I think this is a Steam vs Windows 10 issue.

Does anyone else have Steam behaving this way? Or know a way how to force Steams games to use the mic instead of Steam client itself? Uninstalled and Re-installed Steam. My only hope it seems is the next Windows 10 upgrade changes this behaviour, or else it's reinstalling Windows.

Windows 10 1909 18363.778
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