Put in ram wrong way, now those slots dont work.


Apr 25, 2018
Hi everyone, noob here.

So I couldn't install Win10 yesterday, and I read that something MAY be wrong with my ram.
So I tested with taking 3 out and install on only one ram, didn't work. So here my problem begins..
I tried putting them all back while in a hurry, and I haven't done this before. I put 2 of them correct way, all the way in.. 2 of them wrong way, not all the way in (because that's impossible).. but I thought they were all in.. stupid that I am.

So I tried turning my computer on, it started for like 1 sec then broke down. At this moment I thought I ruined my pc somehow.. I took out 2 of the rams, and it started.
I tested back and forwards with this, first I thought the 2rams were broken. But then I tried them in the other 2 slots and it worked. Then I tried the 2 slots only on right side, nothing happend.

So I have 4 slots on left side (2 blue, 2 black) and 4 on right side (2 black, 2 blue). The black one's never worked for some reason, so I didn't test them. But the 2 blue one's on right side is now not working, when i put the rams in correct way now it doesn't add anything on my ram. When I only use those two blue one's on right side, computer starts but no image on monitor.

So my question is, I messed my ram slots on right side didn't I? is it possible that i messed up more on this computer?

Also, I'm thinking maybe I'm gonna buy new rams, 2x8gb so I can get 16gb ram again. (because 2 of my slots actually work)
I do know I cant just buy a random ram and hope it works, it gotta suit the motherboard or something.. so if anyone can tell me what kinda ram I can get on this PC?

Here is my setup:
CPU: Intel core i7 3820 @ 3.60HZ
RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 667MHz
Motherboard: Asus P9x79
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 680
Storage: 223GB Corshair Force 3 SSD

Can I get any DDR3 ram I want or is it more then that, that I have to take into consideration?
Sorry for bad english, hope you all understood my problem and how idiot I was.

<Language, please. Thanks>
Sorry, edited it out.
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