Put PC in a different room


Nov 12, 2006

I currently have my gaming computer in a very small bedroom in my house. It gets really warm during gaming sessions due to the small airspace. I was wondering what my options are when it comes to moving the computer to my basement and running cables for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are. I have a Dell 24" 1920x1200 monitor.

Would using HDMI and USB over Cat5 work? I currently have a conduit that runs from my "office" to the basement for networking cables (my network switch and rack is in the basement). I'd like to move my tower to the basement and just have the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and a USB DVD drive in my office.

Also, is Thunderbolt a possbility to do this (assuming the longer distance fiber-optic cables become available)? Whatever my solutions ends up being I'd like it to be relatively lag free (I play FPS, RTS, and MMORPG games on my PC).

Thanks in advance for any help!
Most HDMI extenders only operate up to 1080P at 60Hz, which may or may not be suitable for you. Also, I do not know what kind of lag you may experience over the USB, but note that ALL your USB peripherals will be sharing the bandwidth of a single USB channel, so the more things you have connected to USB, the more lag you will have with your keyboard and mouse.

What is the actual cable distance between your desk and your PC in the basement? You might be able to get away with high quality extension cables. . .
What’s the issue here? Is it YOU that’s overheating, or your PC? LOL

I assume you’re considering ethernet-based HDMI/USB extenders. Never used them myself, but as with all such solutions, the issue is always signal loss, which is a function of distance. You might need amplification, esp. for copper. You may just have to try it and find out.

If it’s the PC overheating that’s the issue, have you've explored all your other options (better airflow, better placement, fans, water cooling, etc.)?