Question Putting an RTX 3080 Extreme GPU in a Cooler Master NR200P Max case ?

Sep 15, 2022
I wanted to buy an RTX 3080 Aorus Extreme GPU, but since I have a Cooler Master NR200P Max case I'm sure it will fit but there's not a lot of clearance for the card to intake a lot of fresh air, so I was thinking to buy a couple of artic fans to put in the bottom, do you guys think it will fix the problem ?
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Clearances - Graphics CardL: 336mm (incl. power connector), H: 160mm (incl. power connector), W: 75mm (triple slot)
Card size
L=319 W=140 H=70 mm, assuming it's this card;
you should be good to go.

You might want to pass on a link to the GPU you're trying to work with. As for your build, it'd be a good idea if you could include images of the build in it's current state, would help with understanding clearances and airflow paths in your mitx case.