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Putting PC in living room for game night- how can I block my personal files from them?

Dan Dread

Nov 10, 2014
I have a ton of games I'd like my family to enjoy for a get together this week, but of course I don't want the family to be able to navigate through all my personal stuff, or accidentally click on anything.

I don't suspect anyone would do anything on purpose obviously, but what method do you recommend to make sure they can't access anything I don't want them to?

Maybe there's a program that can block certain folders? Or maybe I should set up another user account (never done that, I want to make sure they can use all my games properly)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

That only kind of works. There a still many things that can happen, like chrome remembering last saved folder or windows click and drag menu.

Personally, if you've done something on the PC you don't want others to find out about, you want to encrypt the information. The only problem with this is you still have traces of data like web history, temp files, and windows search. Chrome saves your browsing history and it can be restored by any person with any PC knowledge, even after you cleared it. Windows stores all web data in a temp folder. Pictures are easy to find this way.

In addition, any encrypted files or blank web history would make anyone suspicious. In other words, short of installing another operating system, you're going to be taking on a significant amount of risk.

Click and hold on windows explorer icon in taskbar, pull up, boom file history. This works with other programs, is widely known, and works across account. Doesn't take a hacker to want to snoop on a family member.

windows doesn't restrict access to files by default. He'll have to go in and change permissions manually, which can also cause problems down the road.