Question PWM problems with Rampage VI Extreme Encore

Jun 19, 2021
Greetings -

Just finished a build with Rampage VI Extreme Encore (and Silent Base 802.) Upgraded to latest BIOS - 1004. For some reason I am unable to change the speed of any PWM fans from either the BIOS or through Windows - fans simply spin at high rates. Suspected fans so tried it with known good Corsair fan, same issues. Fan speeds are seen in the BIOS, but cannot change them. All fans set to PWM in the BIOS. What's odd is you can change the fan speed from the case switch, you see the speed step down, but when the switch is set to PWM fans spin up. Checked temps through HWMonitor, all good. HWMonitor has "control" grayed out, so the MOB doesn't seem to allow gaining control.

I'd like to believe there is a BIOS setting I missed, but I looked all through it. I am now wondering about a MOB/BIOS problem? Many thanks for any suggestions!
Fans come with 4pin PWM (controllable in Bios) or 3pin (controllable via a hub or in your case from the case switch).
The fans from your cooler if it's an AIO should be connected to the CPU_FAN header using a splitter and left to run at 100%.

You can connect a 3pin plug to a 4pin header however no control although some latest Motherboards have this ability.
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