Question Q-Code "OE" on Asus ROG Maximus X Hero WiFi ?

Dec 27, 2022
Hello everyone,

Yesterday, i got my new NVMe, i wanted to install it of course.
My computer was running perfect before that, i never had a single problem.
I plus it in, screw it, and when i try to power the computer on, it stays on "OE" code, which means "Microcode not found" (Asus manual).
I've been searching all day how to resolve this and i found that the internal graphics are faulty. In my configuration, i had one screen on my RX 6700XT and the other one on the intel's integrated graphics and everyting was working just fine. Now, when i try to enable the integrated graphics in the bios, i get the "OE" code and i have to clear cmos in order to make it work again.
Oh, another thing, i had to reinstall windows because it wasn't booting and since then i have massive freeze coming from all computer...
I already try to update the bios. It's running the latest version

Anyone know where the problem might come from ?
I think that i have to change motherboard but i am not sure...
(Sorry for my bad english, i'm actually french ;))

Thanks for you help mates !

Have a good day !