Question q key stopped working on blackwidow TE chroma

Dec 3, 2018
My q key stopped working, i have the keyboard for 5~ years but don't have the money to buy a new one, the q key just doesn't work at all now, (since yesterday) it happened with some other keys but somehow it fixed it self but still after 24H~ or so the key still doesn't work, my brother plays fortnite and spams the shift key (edit) q key and some other keys to build, is it possible that's what causing the faulty keys? ty! (q are walls for fortnite so he presses that alot.) i play MMO's and FPS games so i barely press those keys (but holding the shift key and typing w/ them.) ty for the help!
tried contacting razer but they're useless, reinstalled and installed razer synapse 2.0 and 3.0, tried to reinstall drivers 3 times etc... anyone has suggestions?
they key still has light on it. and it's 100% the keyboard not the computer since tried to boot on safe boot alrdy.

EDIT: spammed the key lightly and a bit more hard and it started working, i guess something got stuck in there? they key can be pressed but not smoothly yet.
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