Question Q LED indicators on Asus Z390-F Gaming troubleshooting problems


Jun 25, 2016
Hi so I wanted to install Ubuntu since I need it because my college requires it as a default for finals in programing.
I wanted to install dual boot on my WD Blue 1Tb hard drive (I know it's outdated).

Something was wrong almost from the start since while using Linux I checked my graphics card temp with my hand and it was burning hot.
Immediately I rebooted and switched to windows.
While booting my GPU went 100% with fans.
It was a black screen after the asus logo pops up.
Some moments after it cooled enough it rebooted for some reason and kept popping up "DVI | No signal" screen.

I kept rebooting and it kept showing nothing on the LED indicators.
I got the cmos out, cleaned the whole thing, unpluged the gpu and after 15min i rebooted using my integrated gpu.
Same thing

Only now the LED's were stopping on boot.

Obvious presumption is that the hard drive is dead.

The weird thing is that upon booting, the led's (that go in order:cpu,mem,gpu,boot) were repeating the cpu and mem led's before flashing only once on gpu and ultimately stopping on boot.

The question is that could have I 'broken' the cpu and memory, does the repeated activation of led's mean anything?

TLDR: My hard drive broke, the led's on the motherboard repeat the cpu and mem led's before flashing once on GPU and stop on Boot not turning off

Update: I bought a new ssd, m.2, installed it, still shows the exact error.
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