Question Q300L Static Preassure or HighAF + recommendation

Mar 7, 2019

I've bought Q300L by Cooler Master today and I want to get 2 RGB fans for front intake. So, my first question is static preassure or high airflow for this case? I read static preassure mostly, but I'm wondering if there is anyone who things otherwise and why?
As for my second question, I'm on really low budget so I'll need some recommendations regarding fans.

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Math Geek

you want static pressure when the fan is blowing through a restricted area, like a heatsink. and you want airflow when the fan won't be blowing directly into a restricted space, like for the case fan.

so you want case fans which means you are looking for high air flow rather than high static pressure.

as for which one to get, sound levels are the main consideration. real quiet fans tend to cost more since they use better bearings and so on. i have been using the artic f12/14 last few years and they are very quiet and push a good bit of air. and they don't cost a ton either. less than $10 apiece and usually less than $8 on sale.

but do look for some reviews of anyone you find so you can get an idea how loud it is. i don't worry much about bearings and so on if they are quiet. for $8 i'll replace it in 3 years if i have to. i don't see the need to spend $20+ for a fan just so it lasts for 5 years...