Mar 20, 2006
At the moment I have:
AMD 64 3500+ (winchester) 939
Abit Fatal1ty A8N-SLI
Creative Audigy ZS 2
2 Gb of Memory (not sure which speed)
XFX 8800 GTS 640mb
Running Vista 32bit

I was planning on getting a Q6600 when the prices drop because the 3500+ is useless at rendering and high poly modelling.

My motherboard must have:
Penryn Compatibility so that I can upgrade CPU's later
DDR 2 and DDR 3 support (future proofing again)
* I don't really need SLI support but it doesn't matter if it does
* Not to bothered about overclocking capabilities as long as its stable

Can someone reccommend me a motherboard?

As i'm going to have to buy new memory too, will it be worth only buying 1 GB of DDR2 too and using that until this time next year and upgrading to
2 GB DDR3 later next year when its become more popular or is there not a big difference between the two and I should just get 2 GB DDR2.

Thanks :)