Q6600 B3 Overclocked at 3.2 Lowers Speed when at 100%

Jun 23, 2018
So hello guys i have Q6600 Revision B3 overclocked at 3.2ghz when i start a torture test to test the stability yes it is Stable buut when i hit something 65 temperature on the CPU the speed changes from 3.2 to 2.4 and it stays like that for 1-2 minutes and then again goes to 3.2 and after 2 minutes again at 2.4 and yea. The TJMax Temps are 85. I have:
Q6600 B3 2.4Ghz
DeepCool Ice Edge Mini FS v2 (With 2 fans) + 1 extra 120mm fan in the back of my case.
Asus P5K
2 Sticks 1GB Ram Kingston 800 mhz and 1 stick 2GB Kingston 800mhz
PSU - Antec 500 Watts 80 Plus
GTX 660 2GB Twin Frozr

Temperatures of the CPU: Idle 42-44 Max 64-65 (cant get pass 65 because when the cpu speed lowers the temperatures lower too)
My OC Settings Are:
8x Multi (If Its at 9x Multi i cant get it to be stable idk why it freezes when i run a torture test on the CPU)
CPU Freq - 400
Dram - 801 Mhz
Timings of the ram 5-5-5-18
VCore - 1.45 (the lowest i could get and to be stable)
Memory Voltage - 2.1 (Thats the stock voltage for the ram)
Everything else its on Auto
Jun 23, 2018
What eist and other functions ? When i was with the stock cooler i was getting up to 80* but the speed was always at 3.2 with this cooler when i hit 65* and the speed lowers this is my only issue ..
One of the differences between the B3, and G0 Q6600 is the temperature rating. SL9UM is the B3, SLACR is the G0.
That's the oldest slowest worst Core2 quad there is. My advice is at least get a Q6700 which are all G0.
Why not put the other cooler back in? Maybe the CPU is about to fail.
FWIW I ran my SLACP QX6800 G0 3.72GHz @ 1.5V.
and as high as 3.99 MHz at 1.588V.
I woukd get a better CPU.

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