Q6600 max OC on stock air.

Grieve is correct. Though that's more like the answer to "How far can I OC this chip?" In jeep11's case, he wants to see how far he can OC with the Intel stock cooler. Frankly I wouldn't. LOL

The ultimate question jeep11, is what temperatures your CPU is at WITHOUT overclocking? Without knowing how hot your CPU runs right now, it's hard to say if you even have room for overclocking without running to hot.


Oct 31, 2008
Depending on what you consider an "acceptable" temperature then you would be surprised. Anything within the 50s is perfectly acceptable for temperatures at load no matter what speed you're running at. See where you are at stock with the stock cooler and go from there.

Previous posters got it right though about unpredictability.


Apr 19, 2004
variables =
1) Stock Vid of the Q6600
2) Cooling of the chipset and Processor
3) Did you get lucky and get a good overclocking MB...
4) The ram you have installed.

Fire up the machine with default settings, run Prime95 to stress all 4 cores while watching your CPU temp with realtemp... Shut it down if you get to about 65.

2.6 for a Q6600 should be no problem even with stock cooling. Some Q6600 reach 4GHZ, some around 3.6 most around 3 or 3.2 (not stock cooling)

***My last machine I couldn't get the Q6600 (B3) past 2.8 stable (piece of sh**) --> Striker Extreme was the problem.


Oct 26, 2008
Yeah I probably will will put an Arctic Cooling 7 on it I'm trying to beat my friends Q9300 which runs at 2.5 plus I'll have more L2 cache but he will have a better FSB.
I was able to reach 3.0 GHz with the stock cooler with my G0 Q6600. It ran stably even after I undervolted it from 1.2625 volts to 1.225 volts.

A 24 hour Prime95 run at 3.6 GHz at 1.45 volts (drooping to 1.425 volts) raises the core temps to 60C - 65C. It would boot at 3.8 GHz but fail Prime95 immediately.

With a good air cooler, 3.4 GHz to 3.7 GHz is reachable.